Hundreds of citizens and tourists regularly went there to take pictures

The capital of Kamchatka was deprived of the main attraction

The capital of Kamchatka was deprived of the main attraction

In the capital of Kamchatka, there is no bright tourist attraction – the rookery of sea lions.

Sea lions or sea lions are rare animals included in the Red Book. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is one of the few places in the world where these chubby giants live right in the city. In recent years, they regularly wintered on the old Soviet pier among rusty ships, port fittings and scrap metal.

Since the beginning of September, hundreds of citizens and tourists have been going to the port to watch and photograph animals. Footage of sea lions has been included in all travel brochures and advertisements for the region. But now the situation has changed.

A high fence was put up on the way to the rookery. An elderly watchman was planted at the gate, who forbids everyone to enter the territory.

As the journalists found out, the fence was installed by the owner of the pier. Through a gap in the fence, a mountain of pipes and a moored ship are visible. Apparently, the owner decided to revive the pier and use it for its intended purpose.

There are no sea lions on the pier yet. It remains to be seen whether they will agree to live next door to the technology or find another place to winter.

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