In the spring, travel agencies owed more than 45 billion rubles to citizens

The debt of Russian tour operators to tourists decreased by 4.5 times

The debt of Russian tour operators to by tourists decreased by 4.5 times

Alexander Osaulenko announced the total debt of the country's travel agencies to tourists whose trips were canceled for one reason or another.

“I think that it will not change globally and will remain around 10 billion rubles”, – Osaulenko said in an interview with TASS.

According to him, the main reasons for the cancellation of tours are the pandemic and the foreign policy situation.

Back in the spring calculations showed that Russian travel agencies owe citizens more than 45 billion rubles. Since then, the situation has changed. In the summer and early autumn, the companies paid off most of the debt, having received funds from this season's tourists.

Osaulenko believes that Russian tour operators will earn a lot during the upcoming New Year holidays. After that, they will be able to finally pay off their debts to citizens.

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