The era of “burning tours”, so beloved by Russians, is passing away

The era of

The era of “burning tours” is over, there won't be any in 2023

< p> The era of “burning tours”, so beloved by Russians, is passing away. Ten years ago, our tourists with iron nerves could count on a trip “on the flag” to Turkey or Egypt for the price of a ticket. And in Rhodes, for example, in May it was possible to get into a 4-star hotel for 300 euros per person.

“The current situation has almost completely excluded from practice in 2022 such a phenomenon as last-minute tours. They were observed only for a short period in early December. In 2023 there will be the same picture: “burning tours” will not happen again,” said ATOR Vice President, General Director of the tour operator Space Travel.

Even despite the low season, trips to the countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia will be in good demand, in contrast to the price reduction one should not count on past years, according to ATOR Bulletin.

According to the ATOR Vice President, the situation is determined by two factors – a large pent-up demand for holidays after the end of the pandemic, and on the other hand, a lack of air travel, not only due to a reduction in the available fleet of aircraft, but also due to a change in the approach of airlines to work with an organized travel market.

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