Travelers hoped for luck

Lovers got lost in the mountains near Sochi

Lovers got lost in the mountains near Sochi

A young couple of tourists from Ulyanovsk got lost in the Sochi region.

The lovers went south on a romantic trip and one of the first places they wanted to visit was the Arkhun tower. It is located on a hill in a tropical forest near Sochi. The observation deck at an altitude of 663 m was built in the 1930s.

Travelers aged 25 and 26 relied on luck and their own orienteering skills. They went to the tower on foot from the Agur waterfalls at the confluence of the Agur and Agurchik rivers. On the way, they went off the path and got lost in the forest.

For several hours the guys tried to get out of the thicket, but they did not succeed. When it began to get dark, they called the rescuers.

They quickly found the young people and took them out of the thicket to the statue of Prometheus on Eagle Rocks. After that, the unfortunate tourists were taken by car to Sochi. They refused medical assistance.

For details and photos, see Yandex.Zen

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