August 7, 2022, the annual charity run “Without Borders” will be held in Izmailovsky Park. The organizer is the Sports for Life Charitable Foundation, which has been developing the accessibility of amateur sports for everyone for 9 years and helping children and adults with disabilities go in for sports

Moscow will host the most heartfelt race

Moscow will host the most sincere race “Without Borders” of the Sport for Life Foundation

The race is completely inclusive: children and adults of any age, as well as anyone with special needs, can participate. In addition, this year the event received a new name: “The most sincere race.” Participants will receive a warm welcome, tea with treats, contests and prizes, as well as a win-win lottery. So the organizers strive to remind everyone that the team spirit and the support of their neighbors are the best help to overcome difficulties.

Despite the new format, the race retains its main traditions. One of them – this is the blind distance (2 km) for everyone. They go to the start in pairs: one of the runners runs in a blindfold as a blind runner, and his partner acts as a volunteer leader, if desired, then you can change places. At the end of the race “Without Borders” the organizers will separately award participants with visual impairments (visually impaired, blind, deafblind).

Most heartfelt race

Purpose of event – raise one million rubles: the funds will be used to organize training and competitions for children and adults with visual impairments.  “Our foundation has already achieved a lot on the path to achieving inclusion in sports. Some of our trainees train for pleasure, some have moved to professional sports, compete in major competitions.

Our ward Alexey Gorelov became the first deaf-blind triathlete in Russia to overcome IRONMAN distances, and our blind ward Ksenia Vybornykh achieved her dream – performed at the Paralympics in Tokyo. We want every person with special needs to have a full opportunity to go in for sports, live actively and brightly, expand the scope of their desires and achievements, – says Anastasia Pletmintseva, Director of the Sports for Life Foundation.

Moscow will host the most soulful race

Running distances
For adults: 1.5K, 5K, 10K.
For children: 50 meters (for participants from 0 to 5 years old), 500 meters (for participants from 6 to 12 years old), 1500 meters (for participants from 13 to 17 years old).

Date and venue
When: August 7, 2022
Where: Moscow, Izmailovsky Park, Central Stage

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