A new river port has been launched in the Tver region on the Shosha River. The berth is one of the structures of a large transport interchange hub of the Volga Sea tourist and recreational cluster. On September 24, the port received the first ship – the company “Vodohod”

 The port of the new transport hub in Zavidovo received the first motor ship

The port of the new transport hub in Zavidovo received the first motor ship

On September 24, the opening of a new river port in Zavidovo on the Shosha River was officially announced. The pier solemnly received the first ship. The first cruise ship that was received at the port was the premium-class motor ship Lev Tolstoy; of “Vodokhod” company.

For the Tver region, the port is a flagship project. Recall that the construction of a large transport hub began in 2020. Construction is being carried out at the expense of subsidies from the federal and regional budgets, as well as attracting investments to the territory of the Zavidovo special economic zone. A 791-meter berth and the port water area have now begun work. The port will be designed for 816 ship calls per year, the average annual passenger traffic will be 204 thousand people (more than 1000 people per day). The port will be able to receive sightseeing, pleasure, sports and small boats, and even modern liners. Outside of the navigation period, about 5 cruise ships and up to 10 sightseeing and pleasure boats will be able to moor in the port in winter.

 The port of the new transport interchange hub in Zavidovo received the first ship

“This is the first port that has been specially designed to receive tourist ships. We have excellent infrastructure. The port will allow tourists to travel longer distances bypassing the locks, and the journey can start here. Tourists will be able to visit interesting places, saturating themselves with impressions. This is a flagship project that includes not only a port, but also the Volga Sea cluster, it is a place of attraction for all Russians,” said Natalya Lukyanova, Minister of Tourism of the Tver Region.

According to Natalia Lukyanova, the trend of Russians' interest in traveling around their country is already clearly visible, and the new port will allow residents of other regions to come to the Tver region and travel, seeing many interesting scenic spots and sights.

As ​​the CEO of “Vodokhod” Rishat Bagautdinov, more than 70 percent of Vodokhod's clients – already regular travelers who have seen a lot and are waiting for new products and routes, so the new port of call is very important.

“The passage of the locks of the Moscow Canal takes two days round-trip. Now, thanks to the appearance of a new port, built according to the most modern requirements, we will be able to rebuild the routes. New river port in Zavidovo – this is a new point of attraction on the route “The Great Volga Way”, and for & nbsp; demanded short cruises for 3-4 days, and for longer cruises from 5 days. There are many beautiful places in Zavidovo, opportunities for rest and relaxation,” said Rishat Bagautdinov. “Vodokhod” plans to launch sale of cruises with visits to Zavidovo and Konakovo district in 2023.

To the sounds of the brass band of the passengers of the motor ship “Leo Tolstoy” met by representatives of the travel companies «Pilgrim» and Go Travel.

The port of the new transport interchange hub in Zavidovo received the first motor ship

“Today our guests will go to get acquainted with the possibilities of the Zavidovo resort, and will also be able to visit Konakovo museums, Konakovo stables, an eco-farm, a sturgeon factory,” said the CEO of the company « Go Travel», tour operator of the Konakovo region Natalia Perova.

“Here there are all the opportunities for tourists, there is something to offer not only for recreation, but also for excursions. As a tour operator with extensive experience, we accept 250 motor ships in Kalyazin. And we see that more and more tourists are discovering the Tver land. We are pleased that today we are accepting tourists in Tver. I hope that next year not only Vodokhod, but also other shipping companies will call at the port,” said Elena Mikhasik, general director of the Pilgrim company, a tour operator in the Tver region.

More than 160 passengers of the motor ship “Lev Tolstoy” of “Vodohod” appreciated the possibilities and service of the new cruise stop. Tourists were able to take advantage of all the infrastructure and recreational opportunities of the region – went for a walk in the picturesque Yamskoy forest, went on excursions to the Konakovo faience factory, and got acquainted with the history of the Sovereign Road in the Zavidovo temple complex, saw a lot of interesting places.

“We are very happy with our trip! We visited the sights of Zavidovo with pleasure, it is very picturesque and interesting here. It seems to me that the appearance of such a new stop will be able to diversify the rest of those who like to travel along the Volga, ”says a passenger on the ship“ Lev Tolstoy ” Elena Savvateeva.

“I live in Moscow, and I think it would be really convenient to come here by car and from the port to Zavidovo go further by boat, this saves time, you don’t have to go through the locks for a long time. And at the same time – a lot of new tourist opportunities: you will also be able to relax in Zavidovo, visit local museums, and even at the Zavidovo resort itself; Lots of active recreation options. If all this is combined – it will turn out to be a rich and interesting journey,” a passenger of the motor ship “Leo Tolstoy” shared his opinion. Mikhail Murashov.

 The port of the new transport interchange hub in Zavidovo received the first ship

The transport interchange hub (TPU) will receive river, rail and road transport. A direct railway line of the Oktyabrskaya Railway will run here from Moscow, as well as an access road that will connect the port with a regional highway, and a parking lot will appear. Muscovites will be able to get to the resort in an hour.  Transport hub – a unique tourist and infrastructure facility. It will become the starting point in the Upper Volga region for traveling along the Volga and the Moscow Sea.

It is expected that the flow of tourists coming to rest at the Zavidovo resort will increase 3 times, and there is an active expand their possibilities. Now in «Zavidovo» tourists can stay at the Radisson Resort & Residences, Zavidovo, the Zavidovo club hotel, the Yamskaya Sloboda hotel complex, or the mini-hotel of the bath complex in Zavidovo Spa Village, and now a new apart-hotel with 440 rooms and 4 and 3-star hotels is under construction. There will also be an indoor all-season family entertainment center with an aquatic center.  The final formation of the territory of the Zavidovo resort will be completed by 2030 with the phased commissioning of facilities.

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