In 1789, this is where the French Revolution began

Protesters turned a Paris landmark into a dump

Protesters turned a Paris landmark into a dump

About 200 illegal migrants set up a tent city in front of the French Council of State in Paris.

The Council of State is France's highest court for administrative matters. It is located in the Palais Royal in the very center of the capital. From here, it is within easy reach of the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens. Once the palace was the city residence of the Dukes of Orleans.

In 1789, it was here that the events of the French Revolution began. Camille Desmoulins called on the crowd at the Palais Royal: “To arms, citizens!” (Aux armes, citoyens!). These words became the beginning of the refrain of “La Marseillaise”, the anthem of France.

The migrants lived for 6 days in a tent camp near the court, demanding to recognize their civil rights and provide them with housing. After that, they were placed in temporary shelters.

The protesters did not clean up after themselves, but left tents, mattresses and garbage right on the square. As a result, the attraction in the very center of Paris turned into a dump.

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