The TV star herself has already refuted the fake, calling it “disgusting”

Russian TV presenter who was naked on vacation was given as Elena Zelenskaya

Russian TV presenter who was naked on vacation was given out for Olena Zelenska

The foreign media and social networks spread a false message that the President's wife Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky is slutty resting on a beach in Israel. The fake was noticed by journalists from the French agency France Presse.

In late October, the Thai media began to spread information that the first lady of Ukraine was vacationing in Israel. The articles were accompanied by photographs of a woman posing in a bikini on the sand. It was alleged that these were footage from Elena Zelenskaya's vacation.

The message was repeatedly reprinted. In the comments, many criticized the Ukrainian leader and his wife for misbehaving at a difficult time for the country.

As French journalists found out, in fact, these pictures are many years old. They depict Russian TV presenter Lena Lenina. Her candid photos were published by the REN-TV channel back in 2016.

As the paparazzi wrote then, the builders who were doing repairs in Lenina's house fraudulently took possession of the pictures. They handed them over to reporters. Perhaps it was a hoax, but it was a planned PR campaign for advertising a TV presenter.

Be that as it may, these photos have nothing to do with the Zelensky couple. Lenina herself has also already refuted the fake and called it “disgusting”.

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