The Travel Institute Launches 5th Edition of Travel Advisor-Specific Geography Guide

Exploring the World, ETW is currently in its fifth edition. (photo via The Travel Institute Media)

Non-profit travel advisor training and learning organization The Travel Institute has released its fifth edition of its advisor-specific geography guide, Exploring the World, ETW, with new destinations, insights and updates relevant to the current travel industry.

Exploring the World is a tourism geography reference guide, with information on destinations that include information about their histories, cultures, climates and cuisine to more in-depth information such as accommodation and transportation information, along with things like required documents, peak travel times and even safety and security information, which are all helpful for advisors to know when planning overseas travel for their clients.

The guide was created in 2001 and is currently available in an online format for USD$115. The fifth edition features fifteen chapters split by region of the world and in some cases, specific countries. As an online resource, the guide comes complete with maps, sample itineraries, helpful tables, profiles on special-interest activities or attractions, travel advisor tips and even scenarios to prepare an advisor for potential challenges.

“Exploring The World goes well beyond basic geography,” noted Guida Botelho, CTIE, director of education for The Travel Institute, the travel industry’s non-profit and independent education leader. “It cuts through endless data sources to give agents a validated what-to-do-and-see, when-to-go, and how-to-get-around look at the top cities, countries and regions of the world. It’s truly a kaleidoscope of possibilities.”

The ETW textbook is also available with The Travel Institute’s flagship introductory training course, TRIPKIT, which is available for new advisor training.

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