Instead of taking off, the liner stayed where it was

A voucher for 260 thousand burned out. Tourists were waiting for departure at Kazan airport for 2 days

A voucher for 260 thousand burned down. Tourists waited 2 days for departure at Kazan airport

About 200 tourists could not fly from Kazan airport to Antalya due to aircraft breakdown.

The reason for the emergency is a malfunction of Turkish Airlines. According to the passengers, at the appointed time they successfully checked in for the flight and sat down in their seats on board the aircraft. Instead of taking off, the liner remained in place, a fire truck drove up to it. People sat on board for three hours, after which they were asked to leave.

The specialists of the Turkish airline could not fix the breakdown either on the first day after the scheduled departure, or on the second. Some tourists went home, others stayed overnight at the airport.

Only two days later, the most patient ones were able to fly away for a long-awaited vacation. Many of the tourists canceled the trip completely. As he told the newspaper "AiF-Kazan" Ilya, a tourist from Izhevsk, his family with 2 children lost a tour for 260 thousand rubles for 8 nights.

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