Egypt – land of harsh desert weather

The weather in Egypt is testing tourists. What's going on?

The weather in Egypt is testing tourists. What's happening?

At the height of the holiday season, many tourists flock to Egypt. The country of the pyramids beckons with its resorts, the sea and ancient monuments.

But travelers should not forget that Egypt is a land of harsh desert weather, which is distinguished by heat and dryness.

So, the other day Meteorological The Egyptian government issued a forecast that heat and “watery fog” are expected in the Sinai in the near future. The air temperature will rise above +41 degrees.

In Hurghada, the weather will also be hot all week: from +34 to +38 degrees. The water in the sea has already warmed up to +27 degrees.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, closer to the weekend, they also promise +41 degrees. The sun will be “extremely active”.

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