In Sochi, an avalanche came down near the luge-bobble track, communications were damaged

The week started with a series of incidents

The week began with a series of incidents

In Sochi, an avalanche came down near the bobble track, communications were damaged.

Heavy snowfalls are falling in the Sochi mountains, known to ski resorts close or restrict slopes due to high avalanche danger, and evening skiing is also canceled.

 In Australia, a shark killed a 59-year-old local tourist, the incident occurred on the Pacific island of New Caledonia. The man swam 150 meters from the shore when the shark attacked him. It is reported that she bit him three times, he received injuries to his leg and both hands and died from his injuries. It is reported that the police evacuated vacationers from the beach area.

In the state of São Paulo in the southeast of Brazil, 36 people died from heavy rains.

On February 20, Brazilian President Lula is due to visit the affected territories yes Silva. It has been raining in Sao Paulo since January, with 378.6mm of rain falling in the state, up 30% above normal. In less than a day on February 18, about 600 mm of precipitation fell.

And on Monday evening, the Turkish authorities reported two new earthquakes  in the south-east of the country, on the border with Syria, one with a magnitude of 6.3, the other – 5.8.

Earthquake  it was also felt in Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel, European seismologists reported.

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