The system is not ready for operation, but fines for its violation are already being introduced

Russian tour operators ask to cancel mandatory QR codes for tourists

Russian tour operators ask to cancel mandatory QR codes for tourists

Russian tour operators are asking Rostourism to postpone the introduction of mandatory electronic vouchers with QR codes in the country. According to market professionals, the system is not ready for operation, and fines for violation of its requirements are already being introduced.

Recall that from September 1, a unified information system of electronic vouchers with a QR code should be launched in the Russian Federation. This is the requirement of the new law on tourism. All information about travelers and the tours they have purchased will be loaded into the system. Based on the results of data processing, the tourists themselves will be given a QR code with information about the trip: tour operator data, air tickets, route, tour dates, hotel addresses. To receive services, travelers will have to show this code.

Earlier, this bill was introduced by the head of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development Sangadzhi Tarbaev, a well-known humorist and KVN player in the past.

< p> However, the other day, according to Interfax-Tourism, the Russian Union of the Tourism Industry turned to Rostourism with a demand to postpone the innovation. It turned out that tour operators still do not have information about connecting to the system, and the regulations for its work have not been approved.

At the same time, a bill has already been developed on fines of up to 1 million rubles for violation by a travel agency of the procedure and deadlines for the formation electronic voucher. That is, there is no system yet, but they already want to fine for non-fulfillment of its requirements.

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