Some tourists can't hold back their emotions and tears

Tour operators told about the cancellation of tours to Crimea due to explosions

Tour operators told about cancellation of tours to Crimea due to explosions

Russian tour operators record cases of cancellation of trips to Crimea from -for  recent explosions on the peninsula.

"There are single cancellations of tours. At the same time, some companies note a drop in the volume of bookings of new tours by 25%“, – Irina Tyurina, spokeswoman for the Russian Union of Travel Industry, told Interfax.

According to her, in general, according to the results of this summer  the number of tourists in the Crimea will decrease by 45-50% compared to the previous season. However, the main reason is not explosions, but the lack of air traffic and problems with roads to Crimea.

Demand for Crimea began to decline also due to the approaching end of the summer season. Traditionally, Crimean resorts receive half as many tourists in September as in August. Plus, the interest of tourists in the destination this year is generally noticeably lower due to the lack of air traffic and the associated logistical problems.

Videos about how tourists hastily leave for Crimea are circulating on social networks. Some cannot hold back emotions and tears. Others, on the contrary, find strength for irony and humor even in this difficult time, posting jokes and memes.

For details and photos, see Yandex.Zen

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