Geologists explain this phenomenon in a much simpler way

Tourist filmed a

Tourist filmed ” blue glow” from a rock worshiped by pagans

A tourist managed to capture an unusual natural phenomenon in the Kuril Islands – a blue rock, from which a glow seems to emanate.

The traveler Denis Kharitonov explored the seaside rocks on the island of Kunashir. There are many residual weathering pillars that are visible only in spring and autumn – when they are not hidden by foliage or snow.

The researcher drew attention to the color of one of the rocks – the blue color seemed to shine in the sun. According to local media, the ancient Mansi worshiped such mysterious rocks, seeing them as idol gods.

Professional geologists explain this phenomenon much more simply. The fact is that such structures are characterized by the content of copper. It is she who gives the stone a blue and greenish tint.

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