Husband pretending to be heartbroken

In Turkey, a tourist pushed his wife off a cliff to get insurance

In Turkey, a tourist pushed his wife off a cliff to get insurance

40-year-old Turkish citizen Hakan Aysalu received a prison sentence for the one who pushed his wife Samara off the cliff during the holidays. The man did this to get insurance for his wife.

In 2018, the couple went on vacation to the Butterfly Valley near the city of Fethiye in southwestern Turkey. Here, the mountain range meets the sea, creating steep cliffs with breathtaking views.

Husband and wife walked along the edge of the cliff, where they took selfies. During the walk, Samara, who was then carrying a child from Khakan, fell down and died.

The husband pretended to be heartbroken and assured that his wife had fallen by accident. However, the police found out that shortly before that, Hakan had insured his wife's life for 45 thousand dollars. Just a few days after the funeral of Samara, he came to the insurance company for money.

Witnesses also testified that Hakan was not surprised and excited at the time of the tragedy. "He did not look like a man whose wife just fell off a cliff", – said one of the eyewitnesses.

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