Tourism within the region is also getting more expensive

Tours abroad from Siberia rose by a record high

Tours abroad from Siberia rose by a record price

Rosstat has calculated that tourist trips abroad from the regions of the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation have risen in price over the past year by more than 1.5 times, or by 63.42 %.

This is the maximum increase in this indicator over the past 10 years. The price of tourism services has never risen so sharply.

The explosive growth in the cost of tours is associated with the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions of the West, due to which Russia's air communication with the outside world turned out to be difficult. Back in February, inflation of tours from Siberia was at the level of 17%, and in June it was already 51%.

Tourism inside Siberia is also getting more expensive. Excursions and trips around the region have become 13% more expensive than a year earlier.

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