Fee will be collected from all services provided in hotels

Turkey introduces a

Turkey introduces a “stay tax” for tourists. Will tours get more expensive?

The Turkish authorities are introducing a new tax for holidaymakers in the country from January 1.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of the Republic of Turkey, the new fee of 2% applies to the services of all hotels and apartments.

As specified in the law, the fee will be charged not only for accommodation, but also from all other services provided on the territory of hotels, resorts, guest houses, campsites, etc. For services outside the hotel, such as transfers or excursions, there is no tax.

Industry experts believe that the new fee will be included in the price of tours, which will inevitably lead to an increase in their cost. Tour operators remind that tour packages are constantly rising in price, on average by 10% per year. Therefore, the new tax will not have a significant impact on their value.

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