UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

It is believed that the season in the UAE begins when the coats are already taken out in Russia – from October, but earlier it is still too hot to relax. In this article I will tell you where it is better in the UAE in September according to the weather, how local resorts differ and what to see for the first time is a must. I will also share what tourists write about Dubai in September 2022.

Rules for entry into the UAE (Dubai) for Russians in 2022

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UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

The good news is that the United Arab Emirates is among those few countries that have been open to Russians for a long time. And, what’s even more positive, they are connected with Russia by direct flights.

The main difficulties when entering in 2022 are, of course, related to covid, although a vaccine is not required for tourists. To get on vacation in the UAE in September you need:

  • Unvaccinated – no earlier than 48 hours before arrival in the Emirates, pass a PCR test (the time is counted from the moment of the analysis itself), and print a negative result in English or Arabic. Do not forget this paper, because SMS, photos on a mobile phone or a handwritten certificate from your mother will not be accepted. Children under 12 years old (for Dubai) or 16 years old (for Abu Dhabi) do not need PCR.
  • Vaccinated – show certificate, Sputnik V is suitable.

How to fly to the UAE now?
Direct flights connect Dubai (or Abu Dhabi) with 10 Russian cities: from Moscow to Novosibirsk. The frequency of flights is prohibitive – you can go on vacation even tomorrow. But, of course, the issue of the price of air tickets has become more acute.

  • On Aviasales (the only aggregator where you can pay with a Russian card), the cheapest tickets to Dubai for September cost 30,000 rubles per person round-trip. This is with transplant. Direct flight – 45-50 thousand.
  • For this reason, I would advise you to compare the cost of an “all by yourself” trip with a tour – now tour operators are making offers with flights on the same regular flights, and this option may be more profitable. See tour packages departing from your city on Travellate or Onlinetours.

The weather in the UAE in September – is it worth going?

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UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

 UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

The weather in the UAE in September is still damp and stuffy and like a sauna. At the very beginning of autumn, the air becomes a couple of degrees cooler, but still remains at +40°C.

  • Only the most hardy will be able to calmly spend the whole day in the UAE in early September under the sizzling sun, the rest go to the beach in the early morning or after 17.00, and spend the daytime on entertainment in air-conditioned malls.

And not forget sunscreen, otherwise you risk returning from vacation not with a chocolate tan, but with burnt shoulders. After sunset, the air temperature in the UAE in September becomes more comfortable and finally you want to crawl out from under the split into the street.

The weather in the UAE at the end of September is becoming more affectionate to tourists: the heat is slowly subsiding and the high season is approaching. Of course, the temperature difference will not be the same as between Sochi and Murmansk, but it is noticeably nicer outside than in early September. This September weather is better for relaxing with a child.

The sea temperature in September is like coffee with cream: the water is not boiling water, of course, but it will not work to cool. I love to swim in warm water, but my husband prefers a cool hotel pool. The velvety sea in the UAE in September is the same at all resorts, except for Fujairah, which overlooks the Oman, and not the Persian Gulf. It has a milder climate compared to other emirates, and the temperature of water and air is a couple of degrees lower.

Water and air temperature

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

One of the best beaches in Dubai is Dubai Marina. We like walking here and lying on the beach 🙂
Is it worth going to the United Arab Emirates in the first month of autumn? Of course! This is a great opportunity to combine sunbathing with a sightseeing holiday, and there is something to see here, I’ll tell you below.

Where is it warmer in the UAE in September? Everywhere is hot. If you doubt that the weather in the UAE in September will suit you, choose the Fujairah resort or plan a vacation for the second half of the month, when the temperature everywhere becomes less unbearable.

Average water and air temperature:

Resort Air temperature, ℃ Water temperature, ℃
early September at the end of September
Dubai +38.4 +33.7 +33.1
Sharjah +38.4 +33.7 +33 ,1
Ras Al Khaimah +39.1 +32.7 +32.3
Abu Dhabi +39.1 +33.9 +32.1
Fujairah +36.1 +31.3 +31.3

Where is it better to go to the UAE in September?

We have already written an article about each resort in the UAE in detail. Below I will briefly tell you what the charm of each of them is, so that it is easier to decide where it is better to relax in the UAE in September.

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

 UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

1. Dubaithe most popular resort in the country. Some 100 years ago it was a village for fishermen and pearl divers, and now it is a Disneyland for adults with artificial islands, skyscrapers, a million restaurants, hotels and entertainment. The beaches here, of course, are colorful: the combination of a metropolis with white sand, sea and cloudless sky is not the usual coast of Egypt or Thailand. Prices are higher than in other resorts, but also the service of the “Arab sheikh” level.

2. Sharjah and Ajman are only an hour away from Dubai, but the difference is colossal: the beaches are more spacious, there are fewer tourists, the hotels are cheaper and many of them are kid-friendly, that is, they are focused on families with kids and offer a children's menu. Which resort to choose in order to save money and relax calmly away from the crowd, cars, fuss, and not far from civilization? Take a closer look at Sharjah and Ajman.

3. Ras Al Khaimah is the Arabic version of Turkeywith all inclusive at a reasonable price. There is almost nothing to do outside the hotels, but inside the best vacation for families with children: for kids – shallow sea and children's entertainment, for adults – well-groomed beaches and the absence of prohibition.

 UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

We went on a tour of Abu Dhabi several times, both during the day and in the shorter evening.< /em>
4. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the country, and it is about excursions, and not about a beach holiday. Here, futuristic skyscrapers are combined with lush greenery, oriental architecture in the expensive-rich style – with the ultra-modern attractions of the Ferrari Park. The coast is also luxuriously equipped, but the beaches are still inferior to those of Dubai.

5. Fujairah looks like it's not the UAE at all, everything is different here: not the Persian Gulf, but Oman, instead of skyscrapers – mountains, instead of pathos and luxury – a coral reef and bright fish for snorkelers. There are mostly all-inclusive hotels where you can relax and unwind, but there is nothing special to see. It’s like the proverb to go here: three days in the forest, two days in the field, so most tourists have not tried Fujairah yet.

Good hotels in Dubai according to tourist reviews

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

Hotel Atlantis, which we photographed from a helicopter on the tour
The number of hotels in Dubai will soon exceed half a thousand, so it is difficult to choose among such an assortment. One thing is invariable: even in 3-star hotels excellent service, attentive staff and cleanliness in the rooms. And if you are going to Dubai in the fall, then the prices will also please you: in the UAE in September it is still off-season, even fives will cost relatively well.

In order not to get lost in the diversity of Dubai, I chose several hotels whose reviews are rated “Excellent”, that is, 9 plus. Prices calculated for two people for 7 nights without food.

In the current conditions – when our bank cards are disconnected from the outside world – it is still possible to organize a trip. The services for booking accommodation have just changed.

– If you plan to visit the UAE on a tour, then choose a ticket on Travelat (the largest aggregator with prices similar to those of tour operators).

– If you are traveling on your own, Booking is not our friend yet. Instead, you can pick up a hotel and pay with a Russian card on Ostrovka – it works all over the world; or on the same Travelate — the service has the option “I book only a hotel.”

  • 3* Rove Trade Center is a modern city hotel on the border of new and old Dubai. For those who doubt their own English, there is a Russian-speaking staff. Clean and new rooms with good soundproofing and flying Wi-Fi, close to the beach and attractions.
    The price of the tour is from 100,000 rubles.
  • 5* Golden Sands Hotel Creek is the most budgetary “5 stars” with perfect reviews. The hotel is well located on the waterfront, smiling and helpful staff, spacious rooms, some with a view of the bay. An additional bonus to the karma of Golden Sands is a rooftop pool.
    The price of the tour is from 100,000 rubles.
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 UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

A room at our Hilton hotel

  • 4* Canopy by Hilton Dubai is a fresh 4-star experience in a prime location with a focus on décor and sustainability. In the evenings, live music plays in the restaurant, parties are organized near the pool, and alcohol is sold in the bar. By the way, the pool itself overlooks the Emirate Towers.
    The price of the tour is from 110,000 rubles.
  • 5 * Park Hyatt Dubai – everything is great here: a green area with flowers and birds, a lagoon pool with an artificial beach, a golf course, well-trained staff. The level of service is felt in every detail, a relaxing atmosphere is provided. Here's an idea for the perfect evening: watch the sunset in the lagoon, and when it gets dark, sit in the lounge near the open fire.
    Tour price – from 200,000 rubles.

What to do in September in the UAE (Dubai)?

As I wrote above, Dubai in September – the weather and sea temperature, to be more precise – suggest that you will not only bask on the beaches, but also please the pedometer on your phone, passing those same 10 thousand steps, and maybe more, in day. Here's what to do in Dubai in September.

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

 UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices did so only on our fourth trip to the UAE. And another cool excursion is a sightseeing tour on a speedboat. </em></p>
<li>Burj Khalifa – attracts tourists with observation decks on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors, and the glass floors under which the city is like an anthill are not for the faint of heart at all. You will find the most unusual angle for a photo in the Burj Club restaurant with a pool, it is at the foot, so the tower will fit completely into the frame. And in the evening, be sure to linger on the show of fountains that dance, sing and show a light show – a feast for the eyes. It is free, starts at 18.00 and goes every half an hour until 23.00.<br /> <em>The price of a ticket to the viewing is from $45, you can buy and pay with a Russian card in rubles on the Sputnik8 tour website</em> </li>
<li>The Dubai Eye is the tallest observation wheel in the world. Just imagine: one lap takes 40 minutes! Cabins are glazed, so entertainment is suitable even for those who are afraid of heights. 360° view, and views of the sail hotel, palm island, Burj Khalifa and other beauties.<br /> <em>The price of one ticket is from $36</em> </li>
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 UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

For the first time in all the trips, we decided to fly in a helicopter, we really liked it! And the most interesting thing is that in the UAE such an excursion is one of the cheapest in the world!

  • Off-road desert safari is like an Arabian rollercoaster, as the jeeps race up and down the dunes at the risk of tipping over. It is ideal to take an excursion in the afternoon to meet the sunset and walk barefoot on the cooling sand.
    The cost of a 4-hour trip per person is from $35, we recommend ordering a Russian-language version on Sputnik8 or Tripster
  • Palm Jumeirah is the first of three man-made islands in the form of a palm tree, where you must go. You can’t see it from the ground, but there is one secret: go up to the observation deck The view at the palm. It's “only” on the 52nd floor, but the view is better than the Burj Khalifa in my opinion. And fans of extreme sports can jump over the “palm tree” with a parachute, just think what photos and videos of the flight will be! ul>

    • Aquariums – for those who like to know Zen, contemplating the fish. The most popular is located in the famous Dubai Mall, where there are more than 1200 stores (a paradise for a shopaholic!). Another sunken Atlantis-themed aquarium is located in the open air at Atlantis The Palm.
      Spend a day among marine life for $32

     UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices </em></p>
<li>The Museum of the Future is a brand new attraction that opened in February 2022. From the name it is clear that you can see how Dubai will live in half a century: artificial intelligence, robots, space exploration and other joys of progress.<br /> <em>You can find out the future of Dubai for $39 per person – tickets are sold on Sputnik8</em> </li>
<li>Day trip to Abu Dhabi – just think about how to dress in advance, because the capital has a dress code for both women and men. The main pearl of the trip is the snow-white Sheikh Zayed Mosque, where not only Muslims are allowed. This marble splendor looks like from the fairy tales “1000 and 1 Night”, but live is more beautiful than any photo.<br /> <em>The cost of the tour starts from $75, you can book and pay in rubles without any problems at the link</em> </li>
<p>And these are just the main attractions that are worth seeing if you are in the country for the first time and for a short time. And we tried to collect the most complete list of interesting places in Dubai in a separate article.</p>
<h2><span id=Is it worth going to Dubai (UAE) in September? My opinion and reviews of tourists

    < p> UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

    UAE in September 2022 – for lovers of hot. Although, if you live, for example, in Krasnodar, stable +40°С will not come as a surprise. A beach holiday will certainly brighten up the hospitality of both modest triple hotels and chic all-inclusive resorts. And since it is not yet a tourist season in the Emirates at the beginning of autumn, even a week in a high-class hotel can be put into a budget that is pleasant to the wallet. Another definite plus is that there really is something to see in Dubai, and all public places are well air-conditioned and will not let heat stroke spoil your vacation.

    As tourists unanimously note about Dubai in September, it is better to focus on the second half of the month for a trip. Hotel prices will not have time to soar yet, and crowds of travelers will fill the streets, but the weather will become more favorable both for a whole day on the beach and for many kilometers of walking around the metropolis.

    Let's make a small bonus in the end – I will give a list of cool places in Dubai where the holiday feeling is off the charts:

    • The Gray (Jumeirah) is a very trendy place for breakfast and brunch
    • %Arabica is a network of specialty coffee houses with excellent coffee, located in all major locations (Dubai Mall, Palma, Dubai Marina and three more points)
    • SALT is a wagon with delicious burgers on the beaches of Dubai Marina, La Mer and Kite Beach

    Pros and Cons

    UAE in September — 2022: weather, our review and prices

    Let's sum up – the most pleasant and not so – about the Emirates in September.

    + a short flight, vzhuh and already on the beach
    + for the current times – relatively easy to get to
    + many places where the Unionpay bank card passes or co-badged with Mir
    + you won’t be left without entertainment: most excursions and entrance tickets can be paid in advance with a Russian card on the Tripster or Sputnik websites
    + you can even rent a car on Localrent – and also pay with Russian plastic without any problems
    + Is it possible to swim in Dubai in September, there are no questions – you need to!
    + adequate prices for hotels with high service
    + civilization, luxury, and most importantly, air conditioning at every step

    – vacation has become more expensive (due to higher airfare) and more difficult (you need to resolve the issue with the currency)
    – the Mir card is not accepted
    – it is unbearably hot to stay in the sun all day, even near the sea
    – you still need a PCR test (for unvaccinated or expired citizens)

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