According to him, “any boy at heart loves cars”

Ural traveler in a wheelchair rolled along the Formula 1 track

Ural traveler in a wheelchair rolled on the Formula 1 track

Tourist from Nizhny Tagil Ivan Grazhdanov traveling the world in a wheelchair , swept along the Formula 1 track in Sochi on a racing Porsche 911.

In August, the Tagil resident went on another trip. By plane, he flew to Moscow, and from there he went by train to the Crimea, where he spent time in a sanatorium among the mountains and the sea.

On the way back, the traveler stopped in Sochi for 4 days to walk around the resort. He has already been there in 2019 and 2021. Having studied various Sochi entertainments on the Internet, he stopped at the Formula 1 track, where you can order a “racing taxi”.

As Ivan told the TagilCity portal, the race lasted only 3.5 minutes, but it turned out "driving" ;. From the speed literally pressed into the seat of the car. According to the tourist, he is not a fan of Formula 1, but "any boy in his heart loves cars".

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