More than 1 million people gathered for the farewell

“We won't see this again.” Tourists shared their impressions of the funeral of Elizabeth II

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visited London for the farewell ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II, which took place on September 19. The grandiose ceremony was attended by the military, sailors, senior officials and parliamentarians of the country, members of the royal family and leaders of most countries of the world.

The guests of London lined up along the streets along which the funeral cortege was traveling from the Palace of Westminster on the Thames to Windsor Castle&nbsp in the western suburbs of the capital. Not everyone was able to get into the front row of the crowd. Many were forced to watch the procession because of other people's backs.

According to many visitors, they never knew another monarch of their country. For millions of people, Elizabeth II, who ruled for 70 years, was a part of life that they were not ready to lose.

In total, more than 1 million people gathered for parting – both Londoners and guests of the city. "I cried. And now happy. I've been through it. We will never see this again“, one of the tourists said.

“We all loved her terribly. Very loved. We will miss her and will never forget her. The farewell was great, just wonderful“, – said another.

I wanted to capture the moment and capture the Queen's coffin passing by me. I took the phone, set it up properly — and then just forgot about the phone, and just stared at the hearse. I just could not stand it, I had the feeling that I was saying goodbye to my own grandmother“, – the third admitted.

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