One ​​round-trip ticket costs more than 1 million rubles

Wealthy Russians were advised an unusual country for vacation

Wealthy Russians were advised an unusual country for vacation

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) has offered wealthy Russians an unusual summer vacation destination. According to experts, the island nation of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean may become the best route this year.

It takes more than a day to fly from Moscow to Fiji with several transfers. One round-trip ticket will cost more than 1 million rubles. In a good five-star hotel, each night will cost about 30 thousand rubles, or about $500.

The total cost of a couple of tourists from the Russian Federation on vacation in Fiji for 10 days will be about 3 million rubles.

Nevertheless, ATOR believes that it is worth it. For the island state, tourism is the main source of income (38%). Therefore, they developed a special plan to attract wealthy vacationers. Some even offer to rent entire islands of the archipelago for recreation.

Guests of Fiji are waiting for luxurious white sand beaches, palm trees and clear Pacific Ocean water. The level of service here is very high. most tourists come from Australia and Japan.

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