For the coming holidays, temperatures are expected to rise above zero at Sochi ski resorts

Weather at resorts on March 8

Weather at resorts on March 8

Positive temperatures are expected in the ski resorts of Sochi for the coming holidays.  However, good snow has already made it possible to break attendance records even for the New Year during the previous holidays on February 23-26. Travel companies have no doubt that on International Women's Day we will be in for a rush of ski lovers storming the mountains.

Unusually cool in the resorts of Egypt, February was replaced by comfortable weather at 30 degrees in March. In Sharm el-Sheikh, even in the evening, it is already above 20. And although the sea is still cool, you can please the women with a pleasant stay.

It is still hot in Thailand, steadily above 30 during the day, the rainy season has not yet begun. However, there are some pleasant surprises here too. for Russian women, March 6th is a holiday for Buddhists, and to this day sobriety day even in the resorts of Pattaya and Phuket, your men will come to the 8th in great shape.

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