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What to see for tourists in Yelabuga? TOP-5 attractions

What to see for tourists in Yelabuga? TOP 5 Attractions

Yelabuga – one of the oldest cities in Tatarstan and all of Russia. In 2007, he celebrated the millennium.

The modern name of the city – the distorted word «alabuga». Perhaps it was formed from the Turkic name Alabuga, i.e. “motley bull”. According to another version, it comes from the name of Lake Alabuga, which is translated from Bashkir as “perch”.

We will briefly talk about the 5 main attractions of the city.

1. House in memory of Tsvetaeva. In August 1941, it was in Yelabuga that Marina Tsvetaeva left Moscow for evacuation. After 11 days in the city, the poetess hanged herself, leaving three notes: to her son, Nikolai Aseev and “evacuees” (the original has been lost). Tsvetaeva was buried in Yelabuga.

2. Shishkin House-Museum. The famous artist was born in Yelabuga and often visited here. Many of his paintings, including the most famous, are based on the surroundings of the city. Perhaps it was here that he met those same three bears. The house-museum houses some of his paintings. On st. A monument to Shishkin was erected on the embankment.

3. Durova's house-museum. Nadezhda Durova (also known as Alexander Andreevich Alexandrov) spent the rest of her life in Yelabuga. She is called the first Russian female officer. It is believed that she became the prototype of Shurochka Azarova from the Hussar Ballad. E. Ryazanova.

4. Embankment of the Kama. Yelabuga stands on the high bank of the Kama River. Its width in the city area reaches 1 km. You can admire the spacious Central Russian landscape and take spectacular photos on the city embankment.

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