Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

< p> What areas in Kislovodsk are suitable for a comfortable life, and which ones should be avoided? Let's figure out what the locals answer the question of where it is better to stay in Kislovodsk, and what other tourists advise – and, of course, I will also share my personal experience.

People come to Kislovodsk for various reasons: some – to improve their health, the second – to walk through the forests, mountains and caves of one of the largest parks in Europe, and others – just to change the scenery. One way or another, there are a lot of tourists in the city in any season!

Districts of Kislovodsk – which one is better for a tourist to choose?

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Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

There are really a lot of places where you can stay in the city. But the districts of Kislovodsk are rather conditional: it is not officially divided into specific parts.

However, for convenience in reporting the location (or finding an apartment), the locals divide the city into:

  • Central District ( aka Old Town);
  • Resort area (most of the resorts are located here);
  • “Santa Barbara” – an elite area on Shirokaya Street;
  • “District entrance”;
  • “Market area”.

If you plan to walk a lot and actively explore the center and the park, choose hotels or apartments in the central district of Kislovodsk – on Kurortny Boulevard and its environs (the nearest 500-600 meters) or in the park area. Save energy, time and money by quickly getting to the main attractions. But without 10,000 steps a day (or even more) you definitely won’t be left – the scale of the National Park will close the “circles” on any pedometer.

Living in the center is good: there are many historical buildings, restaurants, souvenir stalls around. The area is very well maintained and green. Therefore, at first glance, there is no doubt about the topic “Which area of ​​Kislovodsk is better suited for living?” does not occur. The only negative is that renting an apartment or staying in a hotel is much more expensive here.

Resort area – which, surprisingly, does not include the boulevard of the same name – is also suitable for living: there is a developed infrastructure, there are shops, cafes, pharmacies. The houses are mostly old, 4-5-storey, but there are also tall new buildings, and the rental price is already noticeably lower.

The entrance area is quite windy, but in general, like the market area, it will do for a relatively comfortable stopover. Plus, living here is the cheapest. True, sometimes hot water is turned off in houses in this part of the city during the day. If you decide to rent an apartment, it is better to check with the owner in advance if there is a boiler in the bathroom.

There are also neighboring villages, which are sometimes mistakenly attributed to the districts of the city itself: Alikonovsky, Belorechensky, Zelenogorsky, Lunacharsky, Narzanny, Novokislovodsky and Industry. I do not recommend staying there: the daily road to Kislovodsk and back will tire you.

Where to stay in Kislovodsk? A selection of apartments

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

You will probably be offered to rent an apartment already at the station, as soon as you get off the train from Minvod (here is the nearest airport). But this impromptu method is still outdated. Surely, you also want to know in advance that there are no carpets on the walls in the apartment, which you – perhaps – cannot stand.

  • The most convenient option for finding an apartment or apartment in Kislovodsk is the Daily service.

It began to develop during the dominance of Airbnb, and with the departure of the foreign service, it attracted all the attention of those who rent apartments and those who are looking for accommodation for a short trip. Clear photos, detailed descriptions – a random carpet will not hide from you. Booking an apartment and prepayment is carried out on the website, but the latter is transferred to the owner only after checking in.

I will tell you about several apartments in different parts of the city – cozy, clean and pleasant to live in.


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is the link to the apartment

This large apartment is already 120 m²! – Suitable for a company or family. House in a quiet area near the central market and a 10-minute walk from Kurortny Boulevard.

It is comfortable to live in such a comfortable place even in cold times – the oak parquet in the hall is covered with carpets, the kitchen has a warm floor. The rooms are furnished with good furniture, and all household amenities are at hand: two TVs, an iron, a hairdryer, a washing machine, a microwave and all the necessary utensils.

At any time you can go to the balcony (there are already 4 of them in the apartment!) and admire the views of the city.

Accommodation for four (but you can “staff” 4 adults + 2 children)
16 reviews with a rating of 9.7
Price: 4950 rubles per night



Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels< /p>

Here is the link to the apartment

Spacious and bright odnushka with a normal repair and almost in the center of Kislovodsk. The good location is also captivating: in 6–8 minutes you can walk to the boulevard, in 15 minutes to the central market. True, the house is located on a hill, and the apartment itself is on the 5th floor in a building without an elevator, so you need to be ready for climbs and a little cardio every day. Suitable for those who are looking for a cheap place to stay with children in Kislovodsk: here you can live with children from 6 years old.

All possible shortcomings (which are difficult to find among the reviews) are completely compensated by the view outside the window – the panorama of Kurortny Boulevard and green mountain ranges in the distance. There is a spacious loggia for watching and enjoying.

Housing for three
66 reviews with a rating of 9.3
Price: 3000 rubles per night


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

And the owner of this apartment receives a bonus from me for the ability to present the goods “face” – that is, to take advantageous photos and put the cutest ones in the first place in the ad! 🙂

Atmospheric odnushka with a new renovation, comfortable furniture and all the necessary household items. Approximately 15 minutes walk to Kurortny Boulevard. Parallel to the house, when going down along the river, there is the Kislovodsk circus.

But its main plus is again the views from the balcony (combined with the kitchen) of the mountains and trees: it is especially beautiful in summer and autumn. An upholstered wicker chair, a glass of wine or narzan is a great scenario for an evening! The only problem: the apartment is located on the fourth floor in a building without an elevator.

Housing for three
47 reviews with a rating of 9.7
Price: 4000 rubles per night
< /p>


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is the link to the apartment

The apartment is not located in the center, but there is a stop next to the house, from where you can overcome a couple of kilometers to the boulevard or park by minibus. Grocery stores and a bakery nearby, near the house – free parking. Guests note the cleanliness of the apartment and the presence of everything down to the smallest detail for a comfortable stay. It is also quite spacious (40 m²), and you can stay with children and (!) with pets, in agreement with the owner.

Accommodation for four
63 reviews with a rating of 9.9< br> Price: 3000 rubles per night


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is the link to the apartment

The owner of this option would definitely achieve the status of “Superhost” on Airbnb – he is responsive, always in touch, helps with advice on the city, and the apartment itself is made to suit itself. I love places where you feel indifference and participation.

The apartment is located in a quiet and peaceful area, a 15-minute walk from the Kurortny Park. Located on the ground floor, which is a plus for families with strollers or elderly guests. Free parking in the yard. And what an area – 75m! It all comes down to a light-filled bedroom and a large living room, a bathroom and a lovely kitchen.

And this is a rare apartment for rent with live plants 🙂

Accommodation for four< br> 18 reviews with a rating of 9.5
Price: 2850 rubles per night


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is the link to the apartment

This apartment is designed for three people and is suitable for a couple or a family with a child. It fits into the “inexpensive” category, but at the same time it is pretty and renovated: according to reviews, it resembles an apart-hotel, clean and fresh. The apartment is located on Aviation Street, from where you can get to the Narzan Gallery or Kurortny Park on your own in 15 minutes.

A nice bonus is that there is a barbecue area in the courtyard of the house and all the necessary equipment: in the warm months you can cook dinner or dine on an open fire and then relax in the gazebo.

Accommodation for three
17 reviews rated 9.9
Price: 2700 rubles per night


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is the first apartment and here is the second

Please note: apartments on the first and second levels are rented separately.

Cheap, but not angry. Accommodation close to the Cascade Stairs (the main entrance to the middle park): can be reached on foot in 5 minutes. Not far to go to the Narzan gallery, and to the railway station. In extreme cases, there is a bus stop next to the house.

The house itself is colorful, with stucco and very high ceilings. It was built before the revolution and was once someone's dacha. Despite the decent age of the house and the modest area of ​​​​the apartments (25 and 35 m²), guests write excellent reviews and report that the inside is light, comfortable, perfectly clean and has everything for a comfortable stay, including disposable shower slippers, an umbrella or washing powder; heated floor.

Housing for four
30 reviews with a rating of 9.8
Price: 1800 rubles per night


Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

Another option where to stay in Kislovodsk near the park.
Minimalistically furnished, without bright accents one-bedroom apartment with everything you need in a modern residential complex. A bonus is a panoramic balcony with pouffes to see off sunsets (or meet sunrises).

Please note that although the house is located near the park, it is on the other side of it (Ordzhonikidze sanatorium), not quite where it begins the usual route for tourists (from the Narzan Gallery).

Accommodation for four people
30 reviews with a rating of 9.8
Price: 3500 rubles per night

< h2>Good hotels and hostels in Kislovodsk

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Prices for accommodation in Kislovodsk hotels in 2022 are quite high – moreover, the closer to the center, the more expensive the options. Nevertheless, domestic tourism is actively developing, more and more people are going to Kislovodsk, which means that the more hotels and inns open their doors.

Since Booking has left Russia, the role of the main hotel search engines both within the country and went to these services abroad (listed in order of the number of offers):

  • Islet
  • Yandex.Travel
  • Armored car

Let's figure out where it is better to stay in Kislovodsk in the center and beyond.

*links to hotels lead to different services, I tried to figure out where it is cheaper to book one or another option
**and let's forgive Kislovodsk for some innocence in naming hotels)))

  • 3* Symphony – located in a park area, this is perhaps the best hotel in Kislovodsk in terms of price and quality. Nearby health walking paths (paths), Narzan Gallery and Kurortny Boulevard. The numbers, of course, are not without pomposity, but at least to a moderate degree. By the way, the hotel has a branch on Mira Street, and the rooms there are downright stylish (they are presented on the hotel page at the link). Moreover, in the Symphony you can stay in … a dome on the roof! A kind of glamping in the city. Interesting hotel 🙂
    Price per night: from 5000 rubles (with breakfast). Rating 4.9 (200+ reviews)
  • 3* Konstantinych Mini-Hotel is a budget option: a small hotel with a homely atmosphere on the ground floor of a residential building in a residential area (you can get to the center by taxi in 5 minutes). The number of rooms is small, the rooms are simple, but there are necessary household trifles – a hairdryer, a shower set, daily cleaning. The staff treats each guest with special attention. Accommodation includes a variety of personalized breakfasts. For my taste, this is a nice place where you can stay inexpensively in Kislovodsk!
    Price per night: from 2800 rubles (with breakfast). Rated 4.6 (60+ reviews)

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

  • 4* PAN-Inter – the hotel is located on Kurortny Boulevard inside a beautiful yellow house with gabled roofs and chimes on the facade. Quiet hotel with a nice, slightly old-fashioned design: bright rooms, soft carpets. Relatively inexpensive, centrally located and with breakfast included. By the way, the Mineral Spa is located in the same building. Close to almost all major attractions. Breakfasts are served not on the principle of a buffet, but in the Lamb restaurant next door: in the warm season, you can sit comfortably on the terrace in the morning.
    Price per night: from 5500 rubles (with breakfast). Rating 4.5 (130+ reviews)
  • 4* Coliseum is a modern and well-maintained hotel with new rooms. There is an indoor pool and sauna. It is located very close to the railway station, and from here it is convenient to walk to different points of the Kurortny Park: 5-10 minutes, and you are there.
    Price per night: from 4000 rubles (without breakfast). Rating 4.8 (330+ reviews)
  • 3 * Sultan Lux is a hotel with rooms in the style of oriental luxury and with a characteristic entourage. There are rooms with access to the balcony, where it is nice to have tea in the evening overlooking the city street and the starry sky. It is located within walking distance from the Kurortny Park, next to the modern Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Buffet breakfast.
    Price per night: from 3500 rubles (with breakfast). Rating 4.9 (225+ reviews)

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

  • 4* Palazzo Spa Hotel – here you can not only spend the night, but also swim in the pool, relax in the bathhouse or hammam and use the services of the spa complex – for example, for a classic massage. The building itself is on Aliyev Street, far from the center – a walk will take about half an hour, but a taxi can take 7-10 minutes.
    Price per night: from 3500 rubles (with breakfast). Rating 4.5 (210+ reviews)
  • 3* Zvezdny Hotel – an ornate staircase at the entrance, a building that looks like a fairy-tale castle – this is a boarding house with its own closed territory and modern, stylishly decorated rooms. It is located in a picturesque and quiet corner of the city, next to the famous Narzanov Valley sanatorium and a sanatorium pool, where you can swim at a rate of 240 rubles for 30 minutes. If you are planning to visit the local water park, this is a great option as it is only 20 meters from the hotel. There is also a train station nearby, but because of the steep descents and ascents, it is inconvenient to walk with a suitcase.
    Price per night: from 5000 rubles (including breakfast). Rating 5.0 (230+ reviews)

It is easy to see that accommodation in Kislovodsk, especially in the center, is quite expensive. Hostels in Kislovodsk were and remain the most budget options:

– Outdoor Hostel from 800 rubles per person
– Hostel Sirius from 900 rubles per person
– Hostel Vertebra from 900 rubles per person

For those who are looking for inexpensive housing in Kislovodsk, I advise you to still pay attention to apartments and apartments that are rented by the day. And only then, if you do not find the right options, consider hotels and hostels that are far from the center. All hotels of the city with a high rating are located in the Central District: as practice shows, what is further away often does not have the best reviews from tourists. This principle does not apply to apartments ⬇️

Sanatoriums in Kislovodsk

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Where is it better to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

First of all , Kislovodsk is a resort city. This means that special attention is paid here to therapeutic and preventive rest.

If the magic words “sanatorium, body wraps, saltwater pool” don't thrill you, you might be under 25 and should scroll through this section. Everyone else who has realized the value of massages needs to know the following: in sanatoriums, the first half of the day will be devoted to wellness procedures. The general practitioner will select the bulk of them, but in the absence of contraindications, you can diversify the plan at your discretion. The second half is usually devoted to walks along health paths, trips on excursions and so on.

So, about the sanatoriums of the city of Kislovodsk and where it is better for a tourist to stay. Firstly, it is more profitable to book them not on hotel search engines, but on a search engine for sanatoriums under the uncomplicated name Sanatorium.ru. Secondly, judging by the reviews that I managed to collect, the most popular resorts in Kislovodsk are Plaza and Arnika. But the prices for holidays there, of course, bite:

  • 4* Sanatorium Plaza is one of the most versatile and popular resorts, and also the most luxurious. Convenient location near the park near many health paths, modern medical equipment, a new fitness room, a huge swimming pool, a spa center, a buffet in the restaurant and entertainment programs every evening. Rooms with modern furniture, a full range of household items and daily cleaning.
    Price per person: from 17,500 rubles per night
  • 4* Sanatorium Arnika is a compact European type sanatorium. Rooms with stylish interiors, new medical equipment, and even an open-air rooftop restaurant with city views. A wide range of programs, many of which are suitable not only for middle-aged people and pensioners, but also for young people (“Basic”, “Antistress”, please pay attention). Located 10 minutes from the park and Kurortny Boulevard.
    Price per person: from 12,500 rubles per day

More budget options are usually far from the center, but the quality of service in many of them is high anyway (I speak from personal experience):

– 3 * Sanatorium Rodnik, where I rested according to the basic program. We chose it because of the classy assortment of various procedures — I enjoyed plunging into coniferous-pearl and foam-licorice baths, enduring a water shower-massage and soaking in a cedar barrel! The rooms are comfortable and spacious. The staff is incredibly friendly. On the ground floor there is a cozy cafeteria with a good selection of teas. The restaurant has a buffet system, but the food, however, is too dietary for my taste, typically canteen. It is located in a mountainous area, but every 15 minutes a minibus departs directly from the sanatorium, which will take you to the city center in the same 15 minutes. Would come back again!
Price for one: from 5500 rubles per day

– Sanatorium Villa Arnest with a large green area and cozy clean rooms is located in the middle mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level (this is a park area with a special microclimate, comfortable temperature and air humidity). Nearby is the upper part of the Kislovodsk park, where tourists who start “at sea level” usually do not reach. The sanatorium is designed for only 65 people, so there will be no queues for procedures.
Price for one: from 7000 rubles per day

My tips for Kislovodsk and reviews of tourists

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

One way or another, the final decision on where to stay in Kislovodsk is up to you. In any case, public transport is well developed in Kislovodsk, and a taxi here is quite inexpensive (compared to large cities) – around 80-100 rubles for a trip around the city, so you can get from the center from any area without any difficulties.< /p>

For the finale, I will give a couple of tips on how to make your trip to Kislovodsk more productive and interesting ⬇️

The best excursions in Kislovodsk

< p>Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

Kislovodsk itself is not too big, and it is possible to get around the main sights in 1-2 days (here is our detailed guide to attractions). In order to get to know the city better and diversify the trip, you can take a tour of the city and its environs. These services will help you choose the most interesting tours in Kislovodsk based on your personal preferences:

  • Sputnik8
  • Tripster

For example, you can go on an individual walking sightseeing tour of old Kislovodsk and not only learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the city and get acquainted with its main attractions, but also look into those corners where tourists rarely wander.

If you want to save money on an informative walk around the city, but still want to learn more about it, go to Kurortny Boulevard and look for stands and stalls of tour operators: some of them organize free group tours of Kurortny Boulevard and the lower part of the National Park every day. All the most important things to see in Kislovodsk in 1 day: in fact, we went on one of these walks. The guide with great love spoke about her native city in faces and events, vividly presented information and answered any question. It was very interesting.

Where is the best place to stay in Kislovodsk? Tips from tourists + 15 apartments and hotels

By the way, the park is really huge! You can explore its routes and the sights of each of them for a couple of weeks – the bridges and fountains of the Lower Park, the Red Stones and the Valley of Roses and, of course, the caves, grottoes and mountains of the Upper Park. To make the walk more productive, you can take a tour of the little-known locations of the park.

I will separately mention the Djily-Su tract. The tour (we took this one) takes the whole day – you leave at 6 am and get up very early. But I don’t advise you to travel from Kislovodsk one day to Arkhyz and Chegem or Dombay: you will spend more time on the road than on a walk around the area. If possible, allocate at least a couple of days for such trips.

Based not only on the reviews of tourists about Kislovodsk, but also on personal experience, I can safely say that walking in the park and Kurortny Boulevard is becoming much more pleasant and interesting when you are familiar with their history!

Map of Kislovodsk districts

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