Many believe that interest in Qatar will fade soon

Will tourists forget about Qatar after the World Cup? Doha hoteliers gave their forecast

Will tourists forget about Qatar after the World Cup? Doha hoteliers give their forecast which was attended by thousands of guests from all over the world. For them, luxury hotels, transport and entertainment were created in advance. Hoteliers and restaurateurs in Doha are confident that the tourist flow will continue after the World Cup, Euronews reports.

According to estimates, the Qatari authorities have invested a record $ 220 billion in the 2022 World Cup. This is more than spending on all previous championships combined.

Building up Doha began in 2010, when Qatar received the right to host the World Cup. Since then, 150 luxury hotels have been built here. Among them are the 460-room Pullman Doha West Bay from Accor International Group, and the Ritz Carlton Doha with 374 rooms and suites.

The Qatari authorities believe that these and other hotels are a huge asset for the future. The emirate aims to attract up to 6 million tourists annually by the end of the decade. This should be facilitated by the fact that for 80% of the world's inhabitants, a flight to Qatar takes less than 6 hours.

Many experts and critics consider these hopes unrealizable. According to them, interest in Qatar will soon fade away, literally immediately after the World Cup. Time will tell who is right.

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